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"The earth was a formless void

         and darkness over the surface of the abyss" 

                                                                  {Genesis 1;2]    


"Circus over the abyss" is a project revels the abyss which the circus is built upon. It uses the circus as a metaphor to the place where human desire is attempting to be fulfilled. When the circus practice seems to cover the endless void, it just keeps the illusions that fantasies can become true.


As all art forms reflect the history that surrounds it, so is the circus practice; from the ancient gladiators fighting at the Roman circus, through the industrial revolution where the traditional circus was born as the shrine for human physical achievement, until the post-modern era when the contemporary circus began and the romanticism has been forsaken.


For the circus artist, the toil, risk and sacrifice always remains the same, so the glamorous myths that surround the circus slowly crack and becomes labor like all the rest. If the work that takes to make a circus act is just rewarded by small money and the audiences forgettable hands, then there are other motives that keep this practice in development.


Those motives are in the heart of the show, questioning entertainment and the ideologies that drive us today.

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