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A Matter Of Weight

The Technical research:


The technical research for this performance started when I wanted to solve a dramaturgical problem I always had with aerial performance - in my point of view the poetic beauty of straps performance is  the isolated place of the person hanged only from his hands, I find it an intimate experience to watch, almost like looking at someone dancing through a peep hole. The dramaturgical problem I always find is the external force that detach the performer from the floor. The problem of watching the process of the hanged person going up or down is that either there is a certain magic their interacting with, or there's a special relationship between the performer and the technician, or in the worst case, the performer is just tangled in their own choreography. So silently I declared on the principle that all the forces in this project will be visible for the audience, the effects might be magical, but nothing will be hidden from the eyes of the audience.


I realized that the only aid I need is are certain pulls of weight at the right timing. With all  the respect for riggers and technicians, I found they could be replaced by using smart rigging equipment with correct weights waiting in the right timing. At the beginning I've used different sizes of sand bags, from 10kg to 100kg, but when I open my eyes the kind of weight that are available in reach, then I realized that home furniture answer those technical demands plus allowing me to have different solid platforms in different heights. Qualities like friction, balance, and weight became agencies I physically interact with, so the technical properties of thing became not less important than the way the body moves through space.


While the common language I found between me and objects were a matter of weight, I realized I wanted to limit all the technical connections into low-tech mechanisms only. I'm writing this after a long process of trial and error, and I can tell already - any stage idea is possible to be accomplished using  only ropes and pulleys with the right rigging. So eventually what happens that all the 3D volume of the stage is being used, filled with different automated mechanisms between the different furniture's on stage (including myself), inviting the audience to a hall with potential energy of several tons.

amow_-_trailer_(cronopis_version) (1080p) (1)_4.gif

The poetic research

amow_-_trailer_(cronopis_version) (1080p) (1)_9.gif

So far there were at least 14 places

I called them a home.

I wish there were less.

Every time I found a new practical reason

covering how my life was is too sticky

if I stay in the same place for too long

I lose notion of feeling whole

my mind gets erased 

every time I move room

I am an environment

I am not from here

limitations are my guidelines 

without them I'm like dust

looking for a surface to rest

I am not a wood in a forest

but more as the empty space of a furniture

I'm the potential

that strolls in between

I don't take part in nature

artificial as a stool

my mother was an armchair

and my father was a television

I live in the borderline

between the abyss and the stars

neither fire wind earth or water

I am made of plastic

I know my place

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