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Personal Info:

Name: Dan Tavori

Birthday: 1 july 1990

Nationality: Israeli and German

Current Residence: Tel Aviv, Isreal


1996-2008 Student specializing in art

2009–2011 tutor for children in risk

20011-2013 Math teacher in high school for students with learning disorders

2007-2013 in mathematics with honors from the Open University

2015-2016 3rd year of "Flic" circus school in Torino

2018-2020 MA in contemporary circus at DOCH university, Stockholm, Sweden. 

2011-2018 Self-training, classes and workshops in aerial acrobatics (rope, straps), dance (gaga,                                contact, contemporary, acro), physical theater, and juggling (balls and fire poi)

Performance experience and projects:

2018 - The Joker in "circus on the edge" variety show by Bravo prod, rope and straps acts.

2018 - Partner aerial and synchronized acts in "Sarit – the show" music concert

2018 - Aerial teacher in "Gravity" professional course in London

2018 - "weightless mass creature" 20 minutes performance

2017 - 2018 rope and straps teacher specialty teacher at "Sandciel" circus school in Israel

2017 "Philosophical cloud" acro-dance impro performance in Tel-aviv museum of art, directed by "Clipa" theater.

2017 "There is no floor" 10 minutes act of aerial straps and a chair, was performed during "Acco, the international fringe theater festival".

2017 "Big Daddy" a sexy-lame-clown character doing a circus act using Dorito chips snacks.

2017: "imperfections" music and dance concert by "moses project", rope, straps, and dance.

2017: "Cocoon", 15 minutes Cocoon and Rope act, was presented in "Blender" mini-art festival at Bascula-Tlv.

2016: "Vola Da Me" 60 minutes circus show by an ensemble of Flic students in "Brocante" contemporary circus festival

2015: "Action Paint Show" 45 dance theater circus and live painting show, produced by "Bordel Total"

2015: "Does trees speak Italian?" a street tree show with a rope, presented in Tel aviv during "white night" mini festival, directed by me.

2014: "Slow release" by" Stefanie Company" by Ines Lorca, Rope and Juggling act.

2013-2018: Freelance multidisciplinary circus artist, gigs and workshops.

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