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My intimate place.


Is it just a kind of a barrier that separates others from our soft parts, or is it the most sacred place to be shared?


The research for this show has started with a conversation about "circus over an abyss"  with psychoanalysis therapist, who had such an interesting reflections about it, that I came back to visit him more often since then. Through talks about the experience of doing circus versus performing circus, it came to my mind that asking "what is intimacy?" to circus artists could bring interesting results.


The next meetings I had with him were about different approaches to this concept by different characters in the psychoanalysis field, I suggested different ideas for acts and together we analyzed to find their own approach for the question of intimacy.


The open call I sent to artists for this show had a low response, especially because of the difficulty of the subject. Together with Yaniv Teper, we gathered ideas and slowly built the puzzle of how would a circus show about intimacy would look like.

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