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60 minutes performance in collaboration with:

                 “Lockup the Wind”

“No man has power to lockup the wind,
or power over the day of death“


Air, wind and spirit are the same term Biblical Hebrew. The Wind element circulates “round and round” (Ecc1:6); it cannot be locked up. Nonetheless we try.

A six-meter long canvas is rolled-out on the stage center, next to it, in a close point of view, placed the music desk controlled by Nir Jaacobi, in order to provide a musical scenography to the happening.

Before every rehearsal and performance, Ethan and Danny sit and find their initial proposal; it can be an abstract idea, a specific image from someone’s memory, or an argument.

The first proposal dictates their first movements, and focus them to the same page. After that, they let their bodies be guided by their system of action-reaction, with no verbal interpretation, thus to invoke the essence of the moving body into the form of painting.

By the end of the performance, the audience are invited to come closer, and observe the live painting, with it’s vital memory of the act.

 [Ecclesiastes 8:8]

                                    Ethan Dor-Shav

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