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A Matter Of Weight



AMOW - [A Matter of Weight] is a contemporary circus performance that challenges the traditional concept of "home" and meticulously deconstructs its meaning. The scenography of AMOW features household furniture arranged in a suspended constellation, connected by black wires, forming a network of tensions, ruptures, and triggers. AMOW takes the familiar western notions of home, suspends them, and knits an alternative psychology that donates a spiritual dimension to matter. The AMOW universe is cruel but gentle, full of magic yet accompanied by real struggles. Dark humor fills the void, and normality loses its meaning.

Dispel any notion of mere magic; what animates the stage is the subconscious of an obsessive mind. The performer, Danny Tavori, artfully breaches the fourth wall, bridging surreal fantasy with a down-to-earth attitude, whether suspended by hair or hands. The artistic principles guiding AMOW are centered on its unique stage design and technical execution. The stage is transformed and distorted from with - light, and sound, occur within the stage itself, with no external energy sources beyond the theater's sound system.

Beyond technical advancements, the project addresses the evolving mental perspective of 'home' in the post-COVID era, offering a reflection on mental health and resilience. AMOW subtly conveys a message of solidarity to those facing mental struggles, connecting to the origin of our psyche - our first environment, home.

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