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AMOW site-specific version takes industrial spaces and turns them into it's home venue for a unique performance that could only happen there. 

The creation period lasts 2-3 weeks, when half of it is dedicated for technical work in the space including preparing the rigging points, collecting furniture's from the local area, installing light and water systems and designing it as a home for AMOW.

The second period of creation is dedicated for making the performance itself. The only common thing between each site-specific version of AMOW is the rigging constellations and the light conception.

The performance is created through a dialogue between the team and the space, with regards to it's special features, the chosen furniture, the environment and the history of building. The result is a tailor made narrative and choreography of AMOW that shifts the familiar into extraordinary. 



Lido-31 janvier 2024-Focon2-Crozes Karin

The theater version of AMOW is set to be premiered in 2026 and currently in process. It is designed to adapt into most theaters and to tour.

The estimated stage proportions are: 

width 12m X depth 8m X height 8 m.


AMOW loves space, the more the merrier.

A modular grill for rigging is in design to fit into most theaters and to have a safe independent structure to hold all the scenography and stunts. Also making it possible to set up AMOW only in one day.

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