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Danny Tavori

Creator-Performer & Rigging design

Danny is a contemporary circus artist and a dancer, his multi-disciplinary background and skillset made it possible for AMOW universe to visit our earth. Before dedicating himself to circus he has completed his bachelor degree with honors in mathematics and working four years working with youth in risk in various programs. Within the circus realm he specialize in aerial straps and hair suspension and as secondary disciplines - acro-dance, freestyle ball juggling and aerial rope. His passion for interwinding between the intellectual, mental, physical and spiritual has driven his creation since graduation the circus school FLIC [Turin, Italy] in Italy, finishing his MFA in contemporary circus practice at DOCH [Stockholm, Sweden] with a thesis about the "circus practice ideology" and participating with this project in the FOCON program of Escato'Lido [Toulouse, France]. For eight years he has been working professionally in the performance field with his own independent project, productions companies, and directors and choreographers as Bernard Kudlak, Tamar Borer and Idit Herman.


Nir Jacob Yonessi

Sound design & Remote technology

Nir Jacob Younessi is an Electronic - classical musician and interdisciplinary artist who works in the digital worlds. Younessi engineers sound using programming, sensors and natural materials to create a unique sound experience. He graduated BPM College for sound and music where he currently lectures. And completed a recital in singing classical music. His works have been in the theater, circus and contemporary art venues around the world. Younessi is passionate about creating interactive work and live electronics performances.


Georgina Vila Bruch

Dramaturgy and theatrical expression

Gina holds a Bachelor's degree in History - Anthropology from Paris X University, Nanterre. However, her academic journey took an intriguing turn towards the circus thereafter. Professionally trained at Toulouse's Le Lido circus school, Gina has honed her talents as a versatile performer, specializing in clowning, contortion, dance, puppetry, and acting. Over the years, she has collaborated with various esteemed companies including Blick théâtre, Atonitacie, cie. Marta Torrents, L.A by Rachid Ouramdane, cie. Pipototal, and cie. Le sarment.


Her artistic exploration of circus transcends mere physicality, delving into metaphor and narrative with a touch of humor. Gina is deeply involved in teaching and facilitating workshops, notably at the ESACTO-Lido circus school in Toulouse since 2018, and at the Rogelio Rivel circus school in Barcelona since 2020. Additionally, she provides invaluable support to solo artists as an External Eye, a role she aptly describes as being an "artistic midwife." Notable collaborations include guiding acts like Dori de cirque from petites natures, Droit dans le mur by Typhus Bronx, La foradada by Africa Llorens, Monticule by Cie Tractus, and Dramen Pantomimic Circus by Los Galindos.


Beyond the stage, Gina finds immense joy in participating in cultural mediation projects. She has lent her talents to initiatives with organizations such as Clowns Without Borders in the Philippines and Les Mains Libres in Mali and Toulouse, describing these experiences as deeply immersive and transformative.


Jennifer Cohen

Aerial and choreography outside eye

Contemporary Circus creator and performer, Choreographer and coach. Jenny is exploring life and the physical-mental body as a tool of individual and collective healing process. She uses different circus disciplines for expressing her inner world and artistic perspective.  Her stage experience is wide and dynamic, it includes personal creation projects alongside performances around the world with major circus companies (Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Plume, and more).


In her personal development and research, Jenny combines dynamic effortless technique, synced relaxed breath work, and deep listening to the changing body center points.

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Franck Breuil

Set and structure builder

After extensive stage experience as an actor and technician, Franck has been specializing in the manufacture of circus apparatus and machinery for the performing arts for the past ten years. He has worked for Les Colporteurs, le galakic Ensemble, Le Boustrophédon, le Cirque des Petites Natures, les Flying Frenchies, la Famille Goldini, Nacho Florès and others.


Matthias Ferré

production and distribution 

After 15 years of accordion studies at the conservatories of Le Puy-en-Velay and Lyon, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Musicology from Lumière Lyon 2 University, Matthias concludes his studies with a Master's degree in artistic direction of cultural projects at the University of Montpellier. He becomes passionate about street arts and circus early on, considering these hybrid arts as catalysts for new possibilities, for transgression.


Matthias is queer, advocating for intersectional thinking and taking a particular interest in cultural rights. He launches his first project, the "Maison des Queers," within the Lez'arts M3 association in 2022. He then works in production/coordination within the Eurek'art association and discovers a true passion for territorial projects. Afterwards, he decides to engage with companies in production and distribution, with the desire to defend sensitive, poetic, and undisciplined creations. He currently works for the Collectif Chapacans, in the fields of circus and street arts. In 2023, he also creates the association "Bureau des Projets Cosmiques" and embarks on new production adventures with the company Olga and the artist Danny Tavori.


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