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Danny Tavori is an Israeli artist, performer and creator

coming from the field of contemporary circus and dance.

Danny specialized in aerial rope at the circus school FLIC, Italy, and only after specialized in aerial straps and Dance. Danny's unique point of view on movement with apparatuses brought them to research at DOCH, Stockholm, as part of the MA program for contemporary circus practice.

Danny aims to redefine reality through performance, to expand the notion of the body and the agency of material. Danny is an intensive mixture of sensitivity and combustive energy, they adore fragility and love to take extreme cautious risks.

Before moving to circus Danny finished a bachelor

degree in a mathematics with honors and pleasure.

They always was the intuitive type, and it is visible in

their creative process.

Danny's has been creating their own work and working as a freelancer for directors, choreographers and companies, and teaching professional workshops around the worlds. Sharing their performative, creative, and technical practice in collaborations with other artists and the audience.

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